Audition FAQs

Does each member of the group have to fill in a separate application form?

Yes, each member of the group must fill in a form. If you need help please contact Gillian Green the Auditions Officer on 02920 554298 or, who can put you in touch with your local branch for help.

How much do we get paid?

Fees vary depending on the length and type of performance. These are reviewed annually in order to ensure that they compare favourably with the fee scales of similar organisations and are within the professional bodies' guidelines. LMN contributes towards the cost of travel and subsistence when you are away from home and covers accommodation costs as necessary.

How much does it cost to audition?

A non-refundable audition fee of £25 per musician must be received with the application form. If you think you may have a problem paying the audition fee, please discuss this with the Auditions Director.

My group can no longer attend our scheduled audition time.

Please advise the Auditions Director immediately as audition schedules and specialist panels are organised weeks in advance. If you cancel less than 3 weeks before your scheduled audition date, you group will need to pay another audition fee if you wish to re-apply.

I live outside the United Kingdom. Can I apply?

Only musicians who are resident in the UK and Ireland can apply.

I am still a student. Can I apply?

Yes. However, you need to consider whether you have time available to give performances on week-days during the day-time, when most performances take place.

I work during the day time. Can I still apply?

Most LMN performances take place on week days during the day time. Any other commitments should allow you some availability during these times in order to be able to accept LMN work.

Is there any kind of music that isn't suitable?

All live music is suitable. If you need to use electronic equipment you must be able to provide your own, transport it and be able to set up easily.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit. LMN was established to help musicians at the outset of their careers with continued professional development and paid performance opportunities. Musicians are generally in transition in the period between leaving institutions or advanced musical training and becoming established. The charity is flexible when considering special cases (e.g. singers and musicians from diverse cultural traditions).

Musicians joining LMN have frequently been undertaking or embarking upon post graduate courses. They are usually between the ages of 20 and 30 and looking to expand and develop their musical and outreach skills. There are no hard and fast rules and we look at each individual case as it arises.

How long would I remain on the scheme?

In general, we would expect you to remain on the scheme for at least 4 years after you are accepted at audition, and not more than 6 years. However, again, we are flexible when considering special cases.

Will I need to apply for a CRB/Disclosure Scotland/Access Northern Ireland check?

All musicians accepted on to the scheme will need to possess a current (less than 4 years) check at Enhanced level. If musicians need to apply for a new check they will be guided through the procedure.

Where will we be offered work?

Performances and workshops take place all over the UK in a wide variety of settings. Once accepted onto the scheme you may be asked to work anywhere in the UK, not just where you are based.

Do we have to play in all types of venues?

Live Music Now will try to organise work to suit you or your group. We will always ask first if you are happy to play in a particular kind of venue and if there are situations with which you are not comfortable, you will be able to say no to these.

How do I get to the venues?

Live Music Now does not provide or organise transport for you, but will pay for your petrol or train, bus etc.

When do performances take place?

Mostly on weekdays during the day. If you are working for a period of time away from your home-base, this means staying overnight in the part of the country where the work is taking place.

Do I have to accept all the work that LMN offers me?

No. If you are not available, another group will be offered the work.

How many bookings will the group get?

On average, LMN groups will be offered a minimum of 12-20 a year.

Can I do other work as well as working for Live Music Now?

Yes. All musicians on the scheme are freelance and do a range of other performances and work.

What kind of training will I get?

Live Music Now will offer training and support throughout your time on the scheme.



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If you would like to find out more about auditioning, please contact:

Gillian Green, Auditions Director
T: 02920 554298