NOTE: Due to Covid-19, we are pausing auditions for the time being, but please do log your interest if you'd like further information when we restart recruitment.

How to audition for Live Music Now

Our live audition process ensures that we maintain the highest standards of delivery.

LMN selects its musicians, as soloists or in groups (usually of up to 5 people), from a wide range of musical traditions and cultures. Musicians in the early stages of their performing career and resident in the UK may apply.

For more on what it means to be an LMN musician, please visit our Musicians' Development page.

Audition days are held throughout the UK. Please check the calendar here for upcoming dates.

Log your interest with this this online form and we'll be in touch once we restart recruitment.

Musicians joining LMN have generally finished their advanced musical training and are beginning to establish themselves as professional performers. There is no age limit to audition. Musicians are usually between the ages of 20 and 30 and looking to expand and develop their musical and outreach skills. There are no hard and fast rules and we look at each individual case as it arises.

In general, we would expect you to remain on the scheme for at least 4 years after you are accepted at audition, and not more than 6 years. However, again, we are flexible when considering special cases.

At the auditions musicians are assessed by a panel of distinguished musicians and guest experts in a wide range of musical fields. Their understanding of the scheme's requirements ensures that the highest standards are maintained. They will be looking for:

  • a very high standard of musicianship
  • a varied and suitable choice of music
  • good presentation skills and evidence of an ability to establish a rapport with an audience
  • a commitment to the aims of Live Music Now

Most LMN performances take place on weekdays during the day. Your other commitments should allow you some availability during these times in order to be able to accept LMN work. Musicians from overseas residing in the UK should ensure that they have a valid visa which enables them to undertake paid employment. There should be a minimum of 18 months before the visa's expiry date.

In order to cover our costs, LMN charges a modest fee per musician, at the time of audition.