Livestream Checklist

LMN Facebook Live & Livestream Checklist

(using Open Broadcaster Software)




At least two weeks before:

1. Check your internet speed has an upload speed of at least 3MBPS.

2. Check your equipment.* Do you have: microphone, audio interface and camera (Pages 2-3 of the Facebook Live Guide)

3. Check you have a quiet, professional-looking space (Page 1 of the Facebook Live Guide)

4. Based on the above, decide which space to use. If you don’t have a suitable space at home do you need to book somewhere else? Contact LMN for support.


At least a week before:

1. Download OBS

2. Familiarise yourself with OBS and the Facebook Live dashboard by watching this video.

3. If you haven’t live streamed before, then make sure you have a go at setting up the equipment, checking audio levels in OBS, and doing a test. (Pages 3-6 of the Facebook Live Guide) If you aren’t feeling confident with the technology or run into problems, someone from LMN can help you with this.


At least the day before:

1. In the meeting with your virtual stage manager, schedule a test livestream so you can get feedback on your sound and video.

2.  Do the test stream from the LMN page, once you’ve been made an admin. Ensure you tick the box that says ‘publish as a test broadcast’ so the video can only be seen by LMN admins.

3. Once you’re done, leave the test video up and let your virtual stage manager know, so they can watch it and give you feedback if any changes are needed.


On the day:

1. Make sure you have the right stream key. If you are going live from an event page, there may be a different stream key to the one you used to soundcheck from the LMN page.

2. Double check audio levels and lighting etc, to make sure nothing has changed since your test stream.

3. Have the LMN talking points and shout outs somewhere you can easily read during the livestream, and also make sure you can read the comments.


*Livestream webinar equipment list recommended by Joy Stacey (recording and mix engineer)


DAW to OBS tutorial (Macs only) from Live Music Now on Vimeo.