Live Music Now Online Video Libraries

Click here for the LMN Online Video Library for Care Homes and the general public.

Click here for the LMN Online Video Library for Schools and families.


When Yehudi Menuhin and Ian Stoutzker created Live Music Now, their vision was to bring live music to people who needed it the most and support young professional musicians at the start of their careers.

Forty-three years later, as the world adapts to the Covid19 pandemic, the need for human connection through music is greater than ever.

Prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, Live Music Now musicians reached over 80,000 children and older people in 500 schools and hospitals, care homes and hospices each year. To continue to support and connect with people living in care and the hard-working and dedicated teams that look after them, Live Music Now created the LMN at Home Video Libraries, a free online resource of pre-recorded live music videos.

The videos can be viewed on smart TVs, laptops, tablets or smartphones and feature some of the most talented early career musicians in the UK in a range of genres; folk, jazz, popular, western classical and traditional. There are opportunities to join in with singing and percussion, or to just sit back, listen and enjoy.


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