Working with Music Education Hubs – SEN Music-making

The creation of Music Education Hubs in England provides an important opportunity to improve the quality of and access to music-making for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.

LMN's network of trained professional musicians across the UK and expertise in delivering concerts, music projects and CPD, enable us to support Hubs in the provision of high quality musical opportunities for special schools and Units.

What we can offer

Core Role

  • Whole class ensemble and performance projects in special schools using a creative music-making approach
  • Progression routes such as musicians-in-residence programmes, and signposting other musical opportunities

Extension Role

  • High quality live music experiences in and out of school, particularly in areas where there isn't easy access to an arts venue, orchestra or other professional ensembles
  • CPD for special school staff and instrumental teachers working in SEN settings, covering inclusive approaches to music-making

Examples of our current work with Hubs

North Yorkshire
LMN is a Hub partner, working with all 9 special schools to provide whole class instrumental music-making and support the use of the Sounds of Intent framework.

Sunderland, Nottinghamshire and Essex
We deliver bespoke concerts in special schools, performed by LMN ensembles from across a range of musical genres including jazz, world, folk and classical.

Resonate Music Hub, Liverpool
We are contributing to the Hub's strategy for supporting music-making in the City's special schools. This includes a Musicians-in-Residence project and a new training programme for freelance musicians, including LMN musicians, and music service staff working regularly in special schools across the region.

County Durham & Northumberland
We are a founder member of a new SEND North East music network and have delivered training for music-making in EBSD settings.

In each case we aim to maximize the impact of LMN funding by working in collaboration with Hub partners and schools. For a discussion about how LMN can work with your Music Education Hub, please contact Karen Irwin: [email protected]

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about our work, please contact:

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