Musician development

Live Music Now develops the potential of outstandingly talented players based in the UK, at the start of their careers.

LMN selects its musicians, as soloists or in groups (usually of up to 5 people), from a wide range of musical traditions and cultures. They apply to join the scheme because they want the benefits of working with a wide range of audiences and an opportunity to develop their communication skills. Musicians need to commit themselves for a minimum of 2 years and paid engagements are offered to them during their time on the scheme. Once accepted on to the scheme, they may be offered work anywhere in the UK.

Musicians are drawn from the most talented emerging players living in the UK. Performing as soloists or in small groups, they come from a range of musical traditions: classical western music, world music, jazz, rock and folk.

"LMN is a hugely valuable learning experience for its performers." Helen Paskins, clarinet.

Musicians are selected through a rigorous audition process. They must combine both exceptional musical talent and an ability to communicate and establish a rapport with participants. NOTE: Due to Covid-19, we are pausing auditions for the time being, but please do log your interest here if you'd like further information when we restart recruitment.

Benefits for musicians include:

  • Paid performance opportunities
  • Musically enriching experiences
  • Invaluable training and professional development in the field of music outreach.

Download the Musicians' Development leaflet.

Download the Musicians' Journey training outline.

Why Join Live Music Now?

LMN is the starting point for a fulfilling and successful career in the music profession.

We provide emerging musicians with paid performance opportunities, training and support in professional development at the start of their careers.

Learning to communicate with an audience is an essential part of becoming a musician. Working with people whose circumstances restrict or deny their access to live music gives you an invaluable opportunity to develop these skills as well as having a profound impact on your personal and musical development.

¨LMN teaches you skills to enhance your performance that you didn't even know you needed." Helen Paskins, clarinet

Workshop skills are in great demand throughout the music profession and can greatly enhance the breadth and scope of employment for any musician.

"There is no space for egos but there is a limitless capacity for development as a reflective musician." Gustavo Marques, guitar

Live Music Now works with around 320 musicians each year, providing over 7,000 individual performance opportunities. Benefits to musicians include:

  • Professional Experience: planning, performing, programming; developing the range of music you perform. This is invaluable training for dealing with your own bookings
  • Development of communication skills: a 'must' nowadays for musicians wanting to make a career out of music performance
  • Personal Experience: meeting a wide variety of people in different settings which develops your personal awareness and the confidence to cope in any situation
  • A chance to reconnect with the reason you became a musician after years of focusing on technique and discover for yourself the power of music as therapy