Transforming Communities

Ainsley Hamill and Mary Reid

Voice, Pedal harp, Clarsach

Ainsley Hamill, Mary Reid
South East


Ainsley Hamill (vocals) and Mary Reid (harp) combine their shared enthusiam for Scottish folk music and Gaelic traditions, with a nod to Western classical traditions, whenever they perform. Ainsley’s love of Gaelic song was nurtured whilst studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland after growing up on the West Coast of Scotland, whilst Mary grew up in Edinburgh then studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London. After they met, Ainsley and Mary developed a varied repertoire ranging from Gaelic ballads, Ainsley’s own folk-inspired songs, and popular songs from the musicals and jazz era. When not performing together, they have an eclectic schedule: Ainsley has performed on stage at Eurovision and Mary has been known to improvise with her accordion on England’s beaches!

Voice and Harp