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Fiddle, voice, pipes, acoustic guitar

Angharad Jenkins, Patrick Rimes, Sam Humphreys


Calan-ish is formed of 3 award winning members of pioneering Welsh folk band Calan – Angharad Jenkins (Fiddle), Patrick Rimes (Fiddle, Pipes) and Sam Humphreys (Guitar). Formed in 2008 with the ambition of taking Welsh traditional music to a wider audience, Calan have since performed their native tunes and songs on some of the biggest stages in the UK and Europe.

As both Calan and Calan-ish performances take a contemporary and lively approach, breathing new life into old traditions through sparkling melodies, foot tapping tunes and spirited performances of ancient and original material. Expect old favourite reels, jigs and hornpipes with fast paced and uplifting arrangements before melting into some of the most beautiful and haunting slow airs.

Welsh Folk Trio (Fiddle, Pipes, Guitar, Voice)