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Inner Vision ASA Trio

Soprano, Viola, Piano

Victoria Oruwari, Kevin Satizabal, Takashi Kikuchi
South East


Inner Vision ASA Trio are guest artists for Live Music Now in partnership with Inner Vision Orchestra and Baluji Music Foundation.

Inner Vision ASA Trio features renowned soprano Victoria Oruwari, award winning pianist Kevin Satizabal, and master viola player Takashi Kikuchi. Victoria was born in Nigeria and trained in England as a classical singer. Kevin was born in Colombia and trained as a composer and pianist in England while Takashi trained in Tokyo and London as a viola player.

Members of the Inner Vision Orchestra and the Paraorchestra for some time, they recently formed a trio. While taking its letters from their continents Africa, South America and Asia, ASA also means ‘morning’ in Japanese. When they perform, you will feel energised and renewed with uplifting music that spans from classical, to musical theatre, jazz and folk.

More information on Live Music Now’s partnership with musicians from Baluji Foundation’s Inner Vision Orchestra here:

Soprano, Viola, Piano