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Inner Vision Mideasy

Oud, Percussion, Vocals

Fereshteh Khosroujerdy, Ghow Ratnarajah, Ziad Sinno
South East


Inner Vision Mideasy are guest artists for Live Music Now in partnership with Inner Vision Orchestra and Baluji Music Foundation.

Inner Vision Mideasy is an oud, percussion and vocal trio who have been working together for more than ten years. Fereshteh is a Persian singer who knows how to capture the attention of her audiences. Ghow is a percussion player and sings Tamil songs. Ziad is a singer and oud player with years of experience on stage. They sing songs from their countries in their own languages ranging from folk to romantic songs and together they form a unique blend of music which brings joy. They’ve toured the United Kingdom, Qatar with the Inner Vision Orchestra.

More information on Live Music Now’s partnership with musicians from Baluji Foundation’s Inner Vision Orchestra here:

Oud, Percussion, Vocals