Transforming Communities

Inner Vision Dunya

Vocals, Oud, Ghungroo Bells, Tanpura, Miruthangam, Kanjira

Ziad Sinno, Uttara S. Joshi, Ghow Ratnarajah
South East


Inner Vision Dunya are guest artists for Live Music Now in partnership with Inner Vision Orchestra and Baluji Music Foundation.

This trio loves to delight audiences with varieties from the West and their own countries in different languages! Ziad is a Lebanese singer and oud player with years of experience onstage. He enraptures with his music and vibrant humour! Uttara is a soulful Indian singer trained in classical Hindustani vocal music and an experienced Kathak dancer. She enjoys combining song and dance with ghungroo bells to engage and involve audiences. Ghow is a seasoned percussionist and singer from Sri Lanka. He plays the
 South Indian Drums Miruthangam and Kanjira and sings captivating tunes in Tamil and Hindi.

More information on Live Music Now’s partnership with musicians from Baluji Foundation’s Inner Vision Orchestra here:

Vocals, Oud, Ghungroo Bells, Tanpura, Miruthangam, Kanjira