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Rabbit Foot Club

Guitar, vocals, fiddle, accordion

Arian Starfield, Merle Harbron, Michael McLernon
North East


Formed by three Newcastle University music graduates, Rabbit Foot Club are and inspired Celtic trad trio hellbent on keeping the fiery tradition of the pub players alive and well. Lightning fingers and well-worn strings guarantee a night flowing throughout the finest Irish, Scottish and European tunes.

Merle Harbron, a composer and fiddle player hailing from Oban boasts a fine list of projects and collaborations. A successful participant of BBC New Creatives in 2019, her works to date include contemporary collective Shillelagh Sessions and folk trio Holly and The Reivers, as well as being a permanent fixture in the Benjamin Fitzgerald’s neo-classical ensemble.

Michael McLernon is a Glaswegian accordion and percussion specialist. An upbringing in Irish competition playing led to a name made busking on the streets of Glasgow before moving to Newcastle in 2016. A member of Harbron’s Shillelagh Sessions, McLernon has previously worked with a number of projects, most notably post-punk heroes Sauvage.

Arian Starfield is a Dutch-born, Irish raised, stalwart of the local music scenes as a long term regular on the pub covers circuit and a workshop teacher with local charity organisations including NETMH, Sunderland Music Hub and Helix Arts. Best known for Nü-Folk act AFOSS Brightly, projects also include being part of Ren Lawton’s live band, backing guitarist for Emily Boure and session work with multiple function bands.

‘Very friendly and engaging musicians, allowing children to get up close and touch instruments.’ – Villa Real
‘So many of the children were smiling, laughing, vocalising and obviously enjoying the experience.’ – Hadrian School

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