Partnership Working

LMN has established very effective links with a variety of specialist organisations to bring the experience of live music to the widest possible audience.

Many organisations work in partnership with LMN to address current public agendas. Local authorities delivering the Disablity Equality Duty, Children's Services bringing additionality to their interpretation of Every Child Matters, NHS trusts developing their Arts & Health policy - these are a few examples of organisations who recognise that LMN can help them achieve their objectives.

The benefits of working collaboratively can never be underestimated, particularly where specialist knowledge and understanding is required. The process itself can be amazingly creative, producing so much more than the sum of its parts. This comes to the fore in projects where the corporate sector is using music and the arts to bring additional benefits to the workplace.

LMN offers arts organisations including public promoters, festivals, museums and galleries special expertise which enables them to reach out beyond their existing public audience and develop local links so that they become a geniune music resource in the heart of their community.

"St Davids Cathedral Festival is very grateful to Live Music Now for organising again what has become a much looked forward to event by the residents of St Davids Care in the Community." St Davids Care in the Community

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