Professional Development & Training

Live Music Now Training works with every musician coming onto the scheme, offering continued professional development through a structured range of training activities.

Alongside our bespoke project training we offer a programme of stand alone CPD sessions open to current LMN musicians, LMN alumni and the wider music education sector.

These sessions are pitched at two levels of experience:
Basic - for musicians new to the Live Music Now scheme and those with limited experience of leading or supporting music sessions, or those looking to refresh their basic skills
Advanced - for musicians with some experience of leading sessions, ready to take their practice to the next level.

If you would like some advice on which level of training would best suit your needs, please call the LMN office on 020 7759 1803 to discuss. 

Visit our Eventbrite page to review and sign up for current training opportunities.


This provides a grounding for every musician joining the scheme, covering what they can expect from working with LMN and how to prepare for their performances and workshops in a variety of community settings. We will never ask musicians to deliver work before they have completed the Induction process. Induction is organised by each branch for musicians in their area, but follows a standard pattern.

Mentored Performances

Each new group on the scheme receives mentoring during their early performances with the scheme. These are opportunities to benefit from tailored training and support from experienced music leaders and performers in outreach settings. LMN musicians tell us that these 'on-site' training sessions are amongst the most productive they have undergone. Mentored sessions are planned in the best interests of each ensemble and reflect their experience and readiness for outreach work. Focus and timing is flexible.

Continuing Support

Once musicians have given their first LMN sessions and are beginning to grow in confidence, we will slot them into the UK - wide training programme. This aims to provide training in specific skills and areas of activity through a series of Topic-based Training sessions which focus on areas such as:

  • Wellbeing for Musicians

  • How to work in Pupil Referral Units

  • Working with Soundbeam

  • Working with children with Special Needs

  • Working in Secure Units

  • Singing and Signing

  • Working with older people

  • Music and dementia

Peer Skills Sharing

In response to demand from musicians, LMN has developed specific sessions to enable musicians on the scheme to network and share ideas and experiences. These are very creative, and particularly so when musicians from different genres and cultures come together. They also provide an invaluable focus for networking and building the sense of community between musicians on the scheme.