#ReturnToLive support offer for LMN Musicians

With support from the Culture Recovery Fund, Live Music Now is offering paid Refresher Training and free Wellbeing courses/coaching to aid in the journey returning to live and in person work. Check out the course listing, dates and and registration links below.

We're aiming to launch our official #ReturntoLive performances in care homes and schools the week of the 14th of June, giving a focus to go out to local and national press and our own social media channels and celebrate our Return To Live.


Refresher Training

  • All musicians attending refresher training can claim a £50 ‘loss of earnings’ fee per session.
  • Where there is a choice of two dates for a topic, please just pick one session.
  • This is intended as refresher training, ie, a repeat of the topic-based sessions offered when you first started the scheme. It’s a recap of the basic principles underpinning LMN work, with adaptations for meeting the new challenges of working in covid-secure environments.
  • All sessions are on Zoom and will be recorded. In order to claim loss of earnings you must attend ‘live’, with your camera on. Please follow the links to register and secure your places.
  • We’ve tried to offer sessions on different days and at different times so as many of you as possible can attend.
  • We are limited to 50 paid places at each session.
  • This activity is funded by Arts Council England’s Culture Recovery Fund


Induction with Geth Griffith

Tuesday 18th May, 2-5.30pm

Register here.

This is for any musician who started with us just before the pandemic and has done no (or very little) live LMN work. Geth will be looking at structuring a participatory concert with ideas for repertoire choice and creating opportunities for interaction.


Working with Older People with Andrea Vogler

Wednesday 26th May, 1.30-5pm OR Friday 28th May, 9am-12.30pm

Register here.

Andrea will be looking at the impact of Covid on care homes, how we can adapt activities and repertoire to become more flexible and responsive, how to craft person-centred performances and how to encourage care staff to participate and support residents. With guest Ewa Cwiklak from Order of St John’s care homes.


Working with Children with additional needs and disabilities with Ros Hawley

Thursday 27th May, 1.30-5pm OR Wednesday 2nd June, 10am-1.30pm

Register here.

Ros will lead discussions on the impact of the pandemic on children’s and staff mental health and emotional wellbeing.  She’ll cover programming performances using Sounds of Intent principles, tweaking participatory activities to include covid considerations, how to include multi-sensory elements in your programme, using personalisation and observing responses in children, and exercises to improve communication and body language. With guests from LMN partner special schools.



An Introduction to Mindfulness Based Cognitive Training with Jerry Fox

Thursday 3rd June, 9.30am-1pm
Register here.

Mindfulness is about learning and practicing new skills. Just as physical fitness relies on repeated exercise to generate specific muscular or cardiovascular changes, mind fitness relies on attention and concentration exercises to effect changes in neural structures and cognitive functions. Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is an evidenced based training which strengthens and protects parts of the brain associated with attention, emotional resilience, learning, memory, self-compassion and self-awareness. Jerry Fox (University of Exeter) will give an overview of the benefits and techniques used. This session can stand alone, or lead into the 8-week programme available below.



Alongside the refresher training we are investing in a wellbeing programme to support musicians to develop their emotional resilience and offer some control over their careers as we come out of the pandemic.

  • There is no loss of earnings for taking part
  • All sessions will take place on Zoom
  • Spaces are limited so you may only be allocated a place on one of the courses offered
  • Deadline to register for all wellbeing courses: 26 May


High Performance Coaching with Nadine Benjamin

Following her Live Music Now debut at the LMN Musicians’ Practice Forum back in November 2020, we are delighted to welcome back Nadine Benjamin to work with Live Music Now musicians again this Spring. 

Nadine will be leading 10 LMN musicians through a 12-week high performance coaching course.  This science backed programme is set over weekly Sunday sessions and is centred around the strategies and thought processes of the World’s Highest Performing Achievers by focusing on your clarity, energy, courage, productivity, influence and purpose. 

These strategies will completely change how you feel, manage your day, and influence others

  • You will have a clear purpose for your life goals, gain confidence and the motivation to achieve them
  • Learn some amazing tools that will support your life choices and give you self-mastery.
  • Stay authentic to your inner desires, feel more empowered and inspired to live a purposeful life so that you can serve others and yourself in your personal and business lives.
  • Most importantly you will feel confident enough to take full responsibility for your daily practices, habits, standards and engagement with the life you really want to live – not the one you put up with…

If you are interested in taking part, please respond to the questions on this online form (responses can be written or filmed)

Successful applicants will need to be able to attend all twelve 90-minute sessions with Nadine (likely to be held on Sundays), and be prepared to spend time on homework in between sessions.


Coaching for LMN musicians with Emily Owen and Daisy Evans (LMN musicians)

Coaching is an inside-out approach to your personal and professional success. It focuses on the process of changing your inner behaviour in order to change your outside circumstances. Wherever you currently are in life, working regularly with a coach allows you the space and time to work on your life instead of just being in it. The coach’s main job is to be your partner in taking action to close the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be.

Both Daisy and Emily are current LMN musicians, and alongside their performing careers are accredited coaches. This offers them a unique perspective on the challenges musicians face, and can offer specialist support to enable you to get the most from your personal and professional lives.

  • Goal-orientated small-group coaching course: six fortnightly sessions offering musicians support to define goals and become resourceful, independent and self-sufficient individuals. Apply for a place by completing this online form.
    • Course with Emily: Mornings on Wed starting 26 May
    • Course with Daisy: Afternoons on Fridays from 28 May
  • Ensemble Development: opportunities for 3-4 ensembles to work with either coach to look at a particular aspect they wish to move forward with. Please indicate your interest here.
  • Coaching Drop-ins: Regular themed drop-in groups with both coaches offering a hybrid of coaching and mentoring to explore different aspects of being a performer and techniques for defining and achieving life goals. Link to join here (no pre-registration necessary): http://bit.ly/LMNCoachingDropIns
    • Wednesday 9 June: 2 -3.30pm
    • Saturday 12 June: 5-6.30pm
    • Wednesday 16 June: 10-11.30am
    • Thursday 17 June: 12-1.30pm
    • Wednesday 23 June: 2.30-4pm
    • Friday 25 June: 9.30-11am


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Training course with Jerry Fox

Wednesdays 9 June - 28 July, 6-7.30pm on Zoom

Please apply for a place by completing this online form

Limited to 20 places*

Jerry Fox (University of Exeter) will lead 8 weekly sessions developing techniques to help:

  • Sustain attention under pressure
  • Maintain focus and concentration
  • Manage stress effectively
  • Respond skilfully to emotional, cognitive and physiological pressure
  • Support confidence
  • Settle the mind on the only moment of importance in high performance; the present moment
  • Promote recovery and take care activities

*Applicants must be prepared to attend at least 7 of the 8 sessions. Please read the safety guidelines on application form carefully.


Questions? Email [email protected]