With your help, we can bring the joy of live music
to thousands more people across the UK
With your help, we can bring the joy of live music to thousands more people across the UK

Special Education Needs and Disabilities

We all have challenges to face. For some children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), those challenges can include everyday activities which others take for granted: communicating with those around us, expressing feelings, joining in a group activity. In each of these respects music can transform people’s ability to respond.

LMN musicians tune into the particular needs of individual children, helping them to find their voice through music-making. During LMN sessions, they see children responding to music through spontaneous movement and dancing, joyful vocalizing and singing – expressing themselves freely and socializing with their peers. The transformative power of music is more obvious after several music sessions; with the development of musical skills comes increased confidence, self-esteem and new ways to communicate and express emotions.

“It was amazing to see the responses of our pupils and how they listened, concentrated and interacted with the music. Responses like this are so important, particularly to our pupils with profound and complex learning needs.”

Providing access to live music

We know that reliance on adapted transport combined with lack of access to public events can make it difficult for children and young people with SEN to experience live music. There are also relatively few professional musicians with skills and experience to engage effectively with children who have complex needs.

Each year our musicians deliver around 1,000 sessions for children and young people with SEN and disabilities, working in partnership with staff to offer bespoke sessions to suit the needs of participants. Children and young people always respond to quality, and they are quick to pick up on the skill and experience of an LMN musician when taking part in a music session.

“There was superb interaction with the pupils – the musicians used very effective visual stimuli and encouraged the pupils to touch their instruments.”

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