Special Schools and Units

LMN sessions take place in special schools throughout the UK, including those for children and young people with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties, Severe Learning Difficulties, Moderate Learning Difficulties, Autism, Social, Emotional and Mental Health,Sensory Impairment and Physical Disabilities.

We offer a variety of sessions, ranging from one-off concerts, creative music projects to residency programmes, tailored to suit the needs of pupils. Our musicians consult with staff in the planning and delivery of all activities. There is the option to include staff CPD in our programmes, building confidence to use musical activities in the classroom.

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Participatory Concerts (one hour session, or two 30 minute consecutive sessions)

Inspirational performances by LMN musicians, ranging from classical to world, folk and jazz music. LMN concerts offer an inclusive whole-school activity with participation through singing, movement, dancing, and musical games. Musicians move amongst the audience so all pupils can experience the thrill of the instruments being played at close hand.

"The concert provided a wonderful social and socialising opportunity for all our children with autism".

Case study: The Sobell Programme

Creative Music Projects

Flexible programmes which aim to build pupils' confidence, communication skills and teamwork. Pupils work in small groups with LMN musicians to explore new sound worlds and create their own music, often culminating in a performance or recording which celebrates pupils' achievements. Visits can take place over a series of weeks, or during a more intensive "LMN Music Week".

"Not just good, but fantastic. Pupils involved throughout the whole performance - moving and dancing spontaneously. The performers were sensitive to the needs and abilities of a very complex group of people".

Case study: Woolley Wood School, Sheffield

Musician-in-Residence Programme

In our longer term programmes, schools adopt a friendly LMN musician to deliver small group and one-to-one sessions on a weekly basis. Designed in partnership with teaching staff, the programme can help support pupils' Individual Learning Plans and draw out responses from the children that are transformative over time. We are also starting to use the new Sounds of Intent framework to support our work with children who have complex needs. (www.soundsofintent.org).

"It is hard to motivate some of our children, but Jonathan managed it with the music he used".

Case study: The Royal School for Blind Children, Liverpool

Arts Award

An increasing number of children and young people with SEND are doing Arts Award (www.artsaward.org.uk) across the UK. Arts Award is a flexible, personalized learning framework accessible to children and young people with a range of needs and abilities. It supports them to develop as artists and arts leaders and gain a qualification in something they enjoy doing.

LMN concerts and projects can provide a focus for Arts Award activity. For example, children and young people working on their Bronze award can "Attend and review an arts event" at an LMN concert, or "Take part in the arts" and "Share arts skills" through an LMN project.

Case study and film: Live Music Now supporting Arts Award in special schools

Improving access to music-making for children and young people with SEND

LMN is keen to work in partnership with other organisations to improve opportunities for children and young people with SEND to participate in high quality musical activities.

In England, we work with Music Education Hubs to support music provision in special schools. We also work in partnership with arts venues, museums, voluntary organisations and other charities.

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