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Can music be more effective than drugs?

According to a recent analysis of 400 published scientific papers, the old adage that "music is medicine" may literally be true. The neurochemical benefits of music can boost the body's immune system, reduce anxiety, and help regulate mood. The time has come for doctors and therapists to start taking music much more seriously. LMN has been working over many years to bring the benefits of music to a wide range of people in need, through unique live music sessions.

Working with Older People

Life can be lonely when people get older. Illness, difficulties getting around, the loss of partners and close friends are some of the reasons why life can become a challenge. Most of us know someone in this position and may one day experience it ourselves.

LMN has been working over the years to bring joy to older people through our unique music sessions. We strive so that older people accessing care services should live their lives as fully and creatively as possible.

"I have always been aware that music brightens people's lives and can reach them in their darkest hours. At one LMN event an older woman told me that the concert was the most enjoyable time she had experienced in fifteen years at her care home." - LMN musician

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Hospitals and Hospices

Visiting a hospital, whether you are seriously ill, having a routine check up or seeing a friend or relative, can be stressful and upsetting. A carefully chosen programme of live music can provide a soothing atmosphere in a busy hospital for everyone, including staff.

For patients living with terminal or life-limiting conditions, a regular programme of interactive music sessions can have therapeutic benefits and enhance quality of life.

"What a great job I have, not only listening to such moving music, but seeing patients mesmerized, and so unusually calm. Your music must be activating our endorphins!... for many nurses and for myself if was a unique opportunity, as reflected by the buzz on the wards when I went by later." - Nurse

"My father kept shaking his head all afternoon as he recalled the power and clarity of your voice. You were able to distract him (and us) from his current troubles for that hour.'" - visiting relative

"The music was so powerful it made me feel hopeful for the future." - patient

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Mental Health

For people with mental health problems the experience of engaging with live music can be life affirming, stimulating and morale boosting and, as a result, levels of anxiety and depression can be reduced. In LMN projects, our musicians call on their skills to bring out the musician in everyone.

Sensitivity is a the heart of our approach. By encouraging people to participate as fully as they wish, the musicians help people nurture and celebrate their own creativity. This is invaluable for people with low self-esteem.

"Amazing @LiveMusicNowLon gig tonight. Mental health patient: your music helped my recovery. Wow." - Tweet from Dan Walsh, LMN Musician

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