Transforming Communities

Choice, Voice & Wellbeing​

Working in partnership with schools to spark musical lives

  • Fun, participatory activities focused on engagement, communication, pupil choice and voice

  • Social, personal and musical outcomes

  • Wide-ranging genres/instruments

  • Inspire curiosity and a love of music

We know that many children and young people in special schools miss out on their entitlement to music. We know that you often struggle to pay for music therapy, and so specialist classroom and one-to-one music learning sometimes just isn’t an option.

It’s our mission to help you to access inspiring specialist professional musicians who can bring both social and personal as well as musical benefits to your pupils.   

Why us?

  • 97% of teachers scored us 4 or 5 out of 5 for pupil engagement
  • Shaped around your school and pupils
  • Professional musicians work developmentally and inclusively with your pupils, following the social model of disability and using a quality framework
  • Complements your music therapy work cutting-edge evaluation (Sounds of Intent)
  • Monitor personal, social, musical progress support available to fundraise for music, plan your music curriculum and find support and resources

What are the benefits?

  • Music can be the key to unlocking choice, voice and self-esteem
  • Promotes deeper engagement and focus than many other activities
  • Enables meaningful interaction, communication and self-expression: leading to greater agency grows pupil and teacher confidence in music
  • Music accreditation for pupils

Building blocks to unlocking potential through music

A participatory concert – live or online

  • A boost to wellbeing and an unforgettable experience
  • The beginning of choice and voice in music
  • Pupils get up close to musicians and instruments
  • Musicians connect with individual pupils and follow their lead
  • Can be linked to curriculum themes
  • One-off tasters

Music Workshops – live or online

  • Half-day visits: 30-45 minute sessions for 2-3 classes
  • All of the Participatory Concert benefits plus:
    • We use school instruments
    • Pupils exercise further choice, voice and develop their musical instincts
    • 1:1 and small group personalised sessions also available, planned in consultation with parents/carers
    • One-off tasters and/or 5-week, 10-week or whole year series


  • Webinar concerts for multiple schools
  • Save money, and work with your school cluster, music education hub/music service or academy chain.
  • Free video concert library for all schools

Whole-school music development

A long-term relationship with us – tailored around your capacity and finances – will pay off in better outcomes for pupils, teaching staff and the school. We often start with a number of one-off activities such as the building blocks above, but work on a plan for you to have a musician-in-residence.

Musician-in-Residence – live

  • An intensive week to a structured year-long programme
  • Weekly music workshops (see above) plus 1:1 sessions
  • Embedded CPD for classroom teachers and TAs to build musical confidence

Get in contact

We can create a bespoke offer to support your school’s needs.

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