Transforming Communities
Live Music Now musicians Gnawa Yinga performing at John Chilton School, London. June. 17, 2015. (Photos/Ivan Gonzalez)

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Live Music Now

Live Music Now creates inclusive, measurable social impact through music. Our work enhances quality of life, health and well-being, and promotes equity of opportunity by recognising the creative potential of every individual.

Live Music Now reaches over 55,000 people a year and trains and employs 250 professional musicians. You can find our musicians in healthcare settings, care homes, schools, community centres and libraries in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and in Scotland with our sister organisation Live Music Now Scotland.

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Working with Children
& Young People

Regular musical engagement can enable many children with additional needs and disabilities to lead happy and fulfilling lives. However, many  schools have no specialist music provision, and there are very few opportunities for children with disabilities to attend music events together with their families. Live Music Now collaborates with schools and communities, connecting musicians with audiences for whom they can make a real difference.

Working with
Older People

Clinical research shows that engaging with live music provides significant benefits to people’s health and wellbeing. This is particularly the case for older people living with dementia, or experiencing loneliness. Live Music Now works alongside care homes and day centres to co-create programmes bringing live music back into people’s lives, through concerts and residencies with trained musicians.