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Back Chat Brass

Trumpet, Saxophone, Drum Kit, Sousaphone

Tom Hawthorn, Simon Czestochowski, Andrew Cox, Matthew Cotterhill
North East


Back Chat Brass are an exciting and dynamic, ‘New Orleans’ inspired quartet. From playing on the streets of Leeds, the band have gone on to perform at prestigious festivals and venues across the UK and Europe. Back Chat Brass now bring the life and soul of a New Orleans carnival parade to various Live Music Now venues, entertaining audiences of all ages with their mix of traditional and popular repertoire.

‘I wish everyone in the entire world could have seen this performance.’ – Jiggs Wigham (BBC Big Band, Berlin Jazz Orchestra) after a Back Chat Brass school performance.
‘[They were] fully engaged in the performance and did not want them to finish. […] The musicians were excellent pitched at the right level for our members with different levels of ability.’ – Sue Slater-Jones, Sheffield Mencap & Gateway

‘New Orleans’ Quartet (Trumpet, Saxophone, Drum Kit, Sousaphone)