Transforming Communities

Working Papers

Our Working Papers have distilled the sharings and emerging leanings of both the Working Group and the consortium, to provoke further debate and discussion. They have shaped the direction of the initiative to date, form the basis of the toolkits, and provide the evidence of our recommendations for future work. Click on the title of each paper to download it.

 Gathering 1: Learnings and Observations

Jul 15        
30 working group members from social care, wellbeing and arts sectors spent a day shaping the project and deciding on the work to be done. This paper shows what took place, and tracks developments in the activities.


Nov 15
Quantitative surveys covering (1) Care homes that involve music, (2) Professional musicians in care homes, and (3) Amateur musicians in care homes

Survey raw data

Nov 15
This working paper shows some of the raw data that we analysed to produce WP2. Unfortunately most of the data is in a single very large spreadsheet that cannot be easily be paginated for reading.

 On Quality and Frameworks

Dec 15
“Quality” is a complex concept in participatory arts work. This opinion piece draws on and extends significant work undertaken by the ArtWorks partners.

Trends in the Care Home Sector

Jan 16
Designing singing just for today’s care homes is short-sighted. It is important to understand how these are changing over the next ten years or so.

Gathering 2: Learnings and Observations

Dec 15
The second meeting of our full Working Group, with several new organisations joining us. This paper shows what took place, and the input of the different organisations represented.

How to Run a Great Campaign

Feb 16
To aid thinking for future developments, this paper draws the parallels between Sing Up (a programme designed to get 20,000 largely-autonomous, heavily-pressured, regulated primary schools to sing every day) and ACIECH (a programme designed to get 20,000 largely-autonomous, heavily-pressured, regulated care homes to sing every day).

Case studies of Singing

Apr 16
We approached several different organisations and leaders that had been recommended to us as examples of how singing and music can be particularly effective for older people. This paper sets out detailed case studies from 27 different approaches. Our analysis of the data will be published shortly, once the contributors’ approval has been given.

Music and the Care Quality Commission

Sept 2017

This paper outlines the potential impact that a regular singing programme could have on a care home’s CQC Assessment, and the views of the  National Institute for Heath and Care Excellence. It has been agreed by the CQC, and updated to address the new KLOE criteria.

Key Messages for Care Homes

May 2016
A punchy 2-page document summarising the main findings for care homes, and encouraging them to bring more music and singing into the lives of their residents.