With your help, we can bring the joy of live music
to thousands more people across the UK
With your help, we can bring the joy of live music to thousands more people across the UK

Accounts & Strategic Intent

In 2017 Live Music Now launched “Bringing Music to Life” , an ambitious five-year strategy. Focused on five key aims of Reach, Excellence, Wider Engagement, Evaluation and Advocacy, it achieved early delivery success and created new benchmarks for evaluation across the organisation.

However, the impact of COVID-19 not only has dramatically affected our work in the short term but has triggered a reappraisal of the needs of the communities we serve and the way in which we serve them. We needed to think afresh about the wider sector in which we operate and tackle some of the key issues our participants and workforces experience. Crucially this means developing new and existing partnerships,
diversifying, and increasing the resilience of our workforce and organisation, and taking our place as a national voice for change. After several months of consultation internally and with partner organisations, public agencies, and communities at large we have developed an ambitious new Strategic Intent for Live Music Now. (Lawrlwythwch y ddogfen yn Gymraeg, yma.)

The core of our new strategic intent is the belief that Live Music Now is an organisation delivering social impact through music. We create that social impact through musicians, whom we consider to be our most valuable partners and our greatest asset, and seek to serve the ever-increasing need from communities facing social exclusion and disadvantage, both across the UK and internationally.

We seek to become a recognised leader in positive, lasting social change by harnessing
the connective power of exceptional music. We will achieve this through three commitments:

  1. Supporting the musical lives of people experiencing challenging circumstances, disadvantage and social exclusion.
  2. Developing and supporting the workforce of professional musicians to ensure quality of practice and the best outcomes for the communities we serve.
  3. Advocating and evidencing the transformative benefits of live music on learning, development, health and wellbeing.

These commitments will impact our work in a variety of ways. We will launch an ambitious new programme, Embedded in Place: a 10-year strategy to embed our interventions within specific communities, working as a connector and as a delivery partner.

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Annual Trustees Report and Audited Accounts