Transforming Communities

Sally Burgess FRCM: mezzo soprano, opera director and teacher

Talent & artistic excellence are thriving and celebrated: absolutely!

The talent that LMN attracts is astonishingly varied, from African drummers to refined classical violin players, through opera , jazz, contemporary and extemporising players. They come in twos (singer or instrumentalist and pianist), trios of wind instruments, quartets, sextets and more. They take their work to people whose lives are changed as a result.

I joined LMN as a solo singer, in the 1970s – it was a long time ago. I was honoured to be chosen, and entertained crowds of ordinary people in community centres, and old people’s homes. The performances were joyous occasions for all concerned, including me.

Later, I was delighted to return to LMN to entertain, and join them to celebrate their enormous successes, fulfilling their ethos of providing top class musical entertainment and education for ordinary people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it.

I have been providing vocal and instrumental masterclasses for LMN musicians over the last 3 years. These immensely talented warm hearted dedicated musicians are easy communicators, eager to learn and fine musicians to work with.

I am a new member of the LMN Board of Trustees. I hope to bring with me the knowledge I have gathered on my international career as a singer in opera, concert, jazz and music theatre, as well as expertise in my field as professor at the RCM and GSMD, and opera director.