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CQC Finds LMN Venue Sabrina House ‘Outstanding’ in Responsiveness to Residents

LMN NW venue Sabrina House in Shropshire has been recognised as ‘Outstanding’ in their responsiveness to residents after a recent inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

The report credited LMN’s role in helping improve the lives of people there, amidst further praise of work by the care home staff.

“We saw the service had established links with a music initiative which had led to extremely positive outcomes for people who lived at the home”.

The CQC commended staff for their work alongside our musicians, recognising the ways in which they understood and encouraged meaningful participation, and said they had “listened and reacted to people allowing people opportunities to engage and contribute.”

A relative of one resident told the CQC that they had seen a marked improvement in their family member’s well-being since they took part in the initiative, another commenting that “I shared something with [relative] that I had never experienced before. I cried so much, it was a connection which was priceless.”

The report follows earlier praise of Sabrina House’s approach to engaging residents in musical activities. Last year, they were awarded the Creative Inspiration Musical Care Home 2018 award at a Creative Health Conference for the staff’s work to promote health and wellbeing through music.

Sandra Robinson, Senior Administrator at Sabrina House said “We have been surprised on many occasions by reactions that the residents have had to the live music sessions. The fact that, even if some don’t recollect the last visit, they invariably brighten in mood when the musicians arrive and start setting up.”

“We would like to thank LMN for choosing our Home to take part in their projects. I and one or two others were sceptical, at the start, and frankly didn’t see what difference it could make. However, we are not ashamed to eat humble pie and admit that it was the best thing we did. We are now glad that we were willing to “give it a go”.”

Congratulations to Sabrina House on their glowing report, we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

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