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Gillian Green: 25 mlynedd anhygoel yng Nghymru | 25 incredible years in Wales

After two and a half decades of dedicated service to Live Music Now, Gillian Green has retired from her role as Director of Live Music Now Wales.

Gillian led LMN's Welsh operation with flair and dedication for nearly 25 years. She was the very first Welsh Director, having helped create the branch in 1990 with LMN Governor (now Vice-President) Lady Crickhowell and LMN Founder Ian Stoutzker. Since that time, the branch has gone from strength to strength, is hugely well-regarded, and is one of very few (if not the only) arts organisation to work in every county in Wales.

However, Gillian's work goes beyond this as she has also contributed to the musical life of Wales by establishing Telynau Morgannwg and Coleg Telyn Cymru (Glamorgan Harp Guild and the Welsh Harp College), being a member of the Music Panel of the Arts Council from 1995, one of the National Advisers until 2012 and is on the Executive Committee of Ty Cerdd. She was Artistic Director of Criccieth Festival from 2003 to 2007, Vice Chair \of the Arpa Viva Cymru Festival in 2007 and has been Co-Artistic Director of Fishguard International Music Festival since 2013. She is a Trustee and Adjudicator for the Kenneth Loveland Gift and is Wales's Honorary Area Representative for the Royal Society of Musicians. A generous spirit and warm, modest character has meant that you never appeal in vain to Gillian for help.

Canu'n iach yng ngwlad y gan. We wish you a lovely partial-retirement Gillian, but you won't see the back of us yet!

Gillian's legacy is in safe hands, as the Welsh branch of LMN moves to its next chapter. Our new Branch Director is Claire Cressey. Together with our Welsh Chair Eluned Morgan, Fran Wilson (Administrator and Project Manager) and a dynamic team of volunteers, we have a new office in Cardiff Bay, and are working on several exciting new project ideas.

Photo Credit: Ivan Gonzalez

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