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Live Music Now featured in The Times

Live Music Now's work is featured in an excellent article on the healing power of music in health settings of The Times' Section 2 ('Rocking all over the ward' by Barbara Lantin, 10vii12)

There's little doubt that live music brings something extra to the party. The charity Live Music Now, founded more than 30 years ago by Yehudi Menuhin, works with young musicians in health settings. Trudy White, Live Music Now's strategic director for health and wellbeing, says: "The power of music … can be greatly intensified when played live by a skilled musician. The musician responds to the mood of the audience, creating connections that make those present feel valued. If live music is used appropriately, people may visit the doctor less and need less pain relief; care homes can be happier places and budgets could be saved."

For a scanned in copy of the full article click here.