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AfroWelsh Connection Duo

Kora, piano accordion, djembe, guitar

Bunja Conteh, Liz Conteh
South West


AfroWelsh Connection are guest artists for Live Music Now in partnership with Diverse Artists Network.

Bunjah and Liz Conteh are a husband and wife team and are the founder members of the seven piece band AfroWelsh Connection. Their music is based on the traditional African griot kora tunes and songs of West Africa. Liz Conteh (BA) is a degree qualified musician/singer/songwriter who teaches piano and African djembe and has 30 years experience of playing and singing in bands playing a wide variety of different styles of music at a variety of different venues. For more than 20 years Liz has been studying African drumming and has travelled to Africa many times to learn new rhythms, she has about 25 djembes and has facilitated African Drumming Workshops in schools, colleges, universities, at community events and with adult groups.

Bunja Conteh was born into a famous griot family in Brikama Town, The Gambia, West Africa. The griots are the musicians/oral historians/ mediators/ entertainers/praise singers and story tellers of West Africa, his grandfather Alhajie Bai Konteh was the first kora player to travel to America in the 1970’s. Bunja is a skilled kora player and oral historian. The kora is one of the traditional instruments of the Mandinka griots – it’s a 21 stringed harp-like instrument. Whilst in The Gambia Bunja has taught kora and oral history to many students from all around the world at The Konteh Kunda School of Music in Brikama and is keen to teach and share the history of his culture and tradition.

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