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Alain Rouamba and Servo Mputu

Kora, Mbira, Kamale Ngoni, Djembe, Congas, Cajon, Guitar

Alain Rouamba, Servo Mputu
South West


Originally hailing from different parts of Africa, Alain Rouamba and Servo Mputu, both now based in Bristol, represent the beautiful fusion of West and Central African musical traditions.

As versatile artists they are performers, drummers, singers, multi-instrumentalists, and songwriters. Their collaborative efforts as a duo revolve around African rhythms and melodies, brought to life through an array of instruments including mbira, kamale ngoni, djembe, congas, cajon, and guitar. Their repertoire encompasses a rich tapestry of ethnic tunes but also includes reggae, blues, rumba, jazz, salsa, and Caribbean music.

Individually, Alain and Servo have contributed their talents to various projects, festivals, and workshops, both in their African homelands and the United Kingdom. Their music embodies a captivating blend of traditional roots and contemporary innovation—a musical style that celebrates and champions diversity. They invite everyone to connect, savor, and actively engage in their rhythmic journey.

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