With your help, we can bring the joy of live music
to thousands more people across the UK
With your help, we can bring the joy of live music to thousands more people across the UK


Acoustic Guitar, Trumpet, Alto

Hannah Murray, William Brown
Northern Ireland


AMPlify – with AMP standing for Audience, Music, Participation – is Northern Irish music-duo William Brown (guitar, voice) and Hannah Murray (trumpet, voice). As their name implies, they believe participating in the artistic form of music can ‘amplify’ human lives, making people stronger. The duo met at Queen’s University Belfast in 2015 on the BMus pathway. In 2018 they combined their varied musical experiences and begin working together in the creative field, providing music to communities and those isolated from the arts. They work with adults with learning difficulties, in day centres, residential and nursing homes. Their sessions strongly emphasise getting to know participants and their capabilities, in order to build on existing strengths and introduce new abilities. They believe one step to making the arts accessible to isolated audiences is to encourage participation. By adding personal touches (including taking suggestions for future sessions) a comfortable atmosphere is created, making participants less hesitant to take part. Encouraging singing along, percussion playing and dialogue is key in AMPlify’s work. AMPlify wants participants to not only experience music as a spectator, but to take part in music-making, creating sensory experiences on multiple levels that they have no access to elsewhere. The group has a vast repertoire that includes everything from wartime songs to film music, songs from musicals, popular hits from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, local music and folk songs.