Transforming Communities

Band of Jays

Vocals, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Jade Harris, Chris Ruffoni, Samuel Hodgson
North East


Band of Jays are a Huddersfield based trio playing original songs about people turning into birds, communication with aliens and other unexpected matters. Their music oozes luscious three-part harmonies, supported by delicately entwined acoustic guitar, bass and percussion. Over the years they have enjoyed performing in unusual places – think meditation centres, libraries, narrow boats, a milk float, a truck, a farmyard and in the smallest venue in the UK. The whimsical nature of their songs lends itself to playful, light and interactive performances
They had a gentleness to them and a lovely rapport developed quickly.
– Riverside School
Relaxed calm atmosphere was exactly what the students needed to nurture their confidence. Engagement with the students straight away, making them feel part of the concert, was excellent.
– Seven Hills School