Transforming Communities


Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon, Flute, Bass Clarinet

Jessica Tomlinson, Eleanor Mills, Cara Houghton, Sarah Austen
North West


Chameleon is a multi-instrumental woodwind quartet, formed at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. Featuring up to 14 instruments on stage, we showcase the woodwind family as a whole, using quick instrument changes to create exciting, varied performances. We have a passion for making music accessible, engaging, and fun to audiences of all ages.

Most of our current repertoire has been arranged specifically for Chameleon by members of the ensemble (past and present) to cater for our unique instrumentation. We pride ourselves on the wide variety of the music we play and intend to keep expanding our portfolio through commissions by new composers. One of our biggest influences is the Netherlands Wind Ensemble because of their ability to create interesting sound-worlds and visually appealing performances resulting in an immersive concert experience. We aim to do the same!

Connecting with people of all ages through music and education is something we care about greatly, which is why we are thrilled to be working with Live Music Now. The organisation focuses on musical education that “transcends barriers to communication by engaging the spirit”. This is a sentiment we connect with.

Since Chameleon formed in 2016, we have been awarded the June Emerson Launchpad Prize (2017), won the Brodsky Prize (2018), the Trevor Wye Woodwind Prize (2017) and were highly commended and won the audience vote for the Chris Rowland Chamber Music Competition (2018). Chameleon often get told: “you look like you’re having fun on stage” – and it’s true!

Multi-instrumental Woodwind Quartet