Transforming Communities

Charlie Law

Guitar, Voice

South East


Charlie Law is a storytelling songwriter from Suffolk, who sings about his adventures in camper vans, canal boats and starting a family.

His guitar playing is steeped in the thumb picking fingerstyle of old ragtime music, passed onto him by his Grandpa who didn’t have the strength to play, but knew how to do it. Charlie’s baritone tenor voice (the same as John Lennon) has a rich tone, with soft falsetto in the style of Jeff Buckley and a Paolo Nutini Rasp when the music bites.

More recently Charlie has been facilitating songwriting workshops in a variety of community settings.

May music fill up your heart,
Drink with me your flowing glass,
Sing with me for all that’s nice,
For joy in music is joy in life. – Charlie Law

“This guy is good – very good”. Stephen Foster – BBC Radio Suffolk

Singer-songwriter (Guitar, Voice)