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Chroma Harp Duo

Pedal Harp, Celtic Harp

Lucy Nolan, Rebecca McIlroy
North West


Lucy Nolan and Becki Luff formed The Chroma Harp Duo in 2016. The duo’s eclectic style defies the traditional harp sound and stereotype and they are constantly on a quest for new and exciting sounds, regularly commissioning new works from composers and incorporating unusual techniques and objects into their performances to achieve this (from chopsticks to bluetack to castanets!). They were finalists in the Wales International Harp Festival and were awarded first prize in the London Camac Harp Ensemble Competition as well as the UK Harp Association’s prize for the best performance of a British work.

In her spare time Lucy loves hanging out with her animal pals-so far she has a dog, tortoise and chickens and is hoping to keep expanding the gang! Becki is also a keen plant lover and you will be hard pushed to find her amongst the many many pots in her house!

Harp Duo