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Clara Pople

Voice, Loopstation

Clara Pople
South East


Clara Pople is a vocal looper who uses her voice to create a gospel inspired/soul sound. Blending influences as vast as early trip hop, electronica, folk and avant-pop, Clara is definitely not defined by genre.

Clara’s music is centred around her voice. She discovered she could use it as both her instrument and her accompaniment creating dark bass lines, syncopated beatboxing rhythms and 6-part harmonies – all with her voice. She manipulates classical technique, gospel, and Bristol trip hop music to create darkly poetic unique and original songs.

Fun fact about Clara: she lives on a boat and hosts monthly gigs in her bedroom.

‘Clara’s tone sends shivers down my spine. Her talent is undeniable.’ – Hannah V, producer from Abbey Road
‘It was wonderful to have such a modern twist with Clara. […] Residents really loved having such young talent in the home.’ – Southgate Beaumont Care Home

Vocal Looper