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Cri du Canard

Wooden Flute, Accordion, Fiddle

Dave Gray, Sam Partridge, Grace Smith
North East


Le Coin-Coin (Quack-Quack) is perhaps the most well-known Cri du Canard (Call of the Duck) but coming in at a close second is this newly formed trio of musicians.

Grace, Sam, and Dave intertwine the fiddle, flute and melodeon through exploration of the traditional folk-dance repertoire of France. With a relaxed and natural style, Cri du Canard invite you to dance freely, or simply sit back, enjoy, and be welcomed into their musical world.

‘One student […] who is generally very angry with everything and very hard to engage was absolutely transfixed by the music and the musicians throughout the entire sessions.’ – Seven Hills School
‘The IR children absolutely loved the performance. It was extremely inclusive and accessible for all of our pupils. They all got so much out of it, and it was really lovely to see them being able to engage in something other than their typical classroom learning.’ – Nether Green Junior School

French Folk Trio (Wooden Flute, Accordion, Fiddle)