With your help, we can bring the joy of live music
to thousands more people across the UK
With your help, we can bring the joy of live music to thousands more people across the UK

Halva Ensemble

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Lute/Oud, Classical Guitar

Noga Ritter, Timothy Karp
South East


“Tim Karp: Guitar, Oud, Percussion, Vocals Noga Ritter: Vocals, Piano, Percussion Join Halva Ensemble on a journey from the Middle East to India, via Africa and Brazil. Halva is a sweet treat made from tahini (sesame paste) and honey, common in the Middle East. Halva Ensemble plays sweet music from around the world that will make you dance, sing along and sometimes even cry. Tim Karp and Noga Ritter created Halva Ensemble in order to share their passion for music from around the world, exchanging songs, rhythms and stories. On his twelfth birthday, Tim Karp received a black and white Squire Stratocaster guitar instead of a Scalextric track, much to his disappointment. Reluctantly he began to learn the guitar and his natural talent soon became a passion. He has since travelled to many countries learning from local musicians and discovering music from across the world. Tim is a musician who teaches his art in schools and also finds time to play in a multitude of bands and projects. He is the musical director of story-telling collective, ‘The Embers Collective’ as well as performing in a variety of ensembles including Brazilian ensemble ‘Beringela’; pop and rock band ‘Super Tenants’ and Balkan music band ‘Don Kipper’. Noga Ritter is a singer-song writer and a workshop leader. Originally from Israel, Noga came to the UK to study at the London Centre of Contemporary Music before going on to receive a Master’s degree in Music Leadership at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Noga has performed with various projects in a wide range of musical styles including world music, jazz, gospel and contemporary. She performs regularly with her band VOCAL GLOBAL and with the Mike King Collective. She has also worked with The Grand Union Orchestra, Abdoulaye Samb and Minnjiaraby, Jyotsna Srikanth, Sahad & The Natal Patchwork and Sura Susso among others. Alongside her performance career, Noga shares her passion for music through education. She teaches singing in schools and privately; leads choirs and facilitates workshops in various community settings.”