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Lady Nade and BexX

Guitar, Vocals

Lady Nade, BexX
South West


Lady Nade performs with band members Holly Carter and Bexx who are multi-instrumentalists. She weaves soulful folk and Americana with poignant lyrics, creating a healing musical experience. Her musical influences include Joan Armatrading, Joni Mitchell and Nina Simone. She is inspired by the depths of human emotion and draws from personal experiences and the power of communal connection. Audiences can anticipate an intimate journey through life’s tapestry, guided by Lady Nade’s emotive melodies and soul-stirring lyrics. From writing poems as a means of healing to being hailed as one of Bristol’s most influential women, Lady Nade’s evolution as a multi-award winning artist culminated in her chart-topping album ‘Willing’. The title track was awarded ‘UK Song of the Year’ in the 2022 UK Americana Awards. Her music is a testament to the profound connection between music and well-being, offering solace and unity though musical connection. In addition to her musical prowess, Lady Nade enjoys swimming, yoga, reading, and comedy, and pairing recipes to her songs. “There is no mistaking the tender, powerful, velveteen vocals of Lady Nade.” – St Stevens Church, Bristol

Singer-songwriter Duo (Voice and Guitar)