Transforming Communities

Lakeside Brass

Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba

Jacob Rosenberg, Gideon Brooks, Alexander Willett, James Goodwin, Chris Claxton
South East


Guildhall School graduates Jacob Rosenberg, Gideon Brooks, Alex Willett, James Goodwin, and Chris Claxton are the founding members of Lakeside Brass. This ensemble, made up of two trumpets, a French horn, trombone and tuba explores the diverse and dynamic repertoire being developed for this traditional brass ensemble set up.

From playing early baroque arrangements, through to improvising plunger solos over the great American song book, Lakeside Brass adapts and excites for the concert setting they appear in. When the members of Lakeside Brass are not playing their instruments, you might catch them discussing possible theories for the next Marvel films!

Brass Quintet