Transforming Communities

Louis Bingham

Cittern, Tambura, Guitar

South West


Louis is a multi-instrumentalist and singer specialising in fretted string instruments. His music takes in elements from the Celtic fringes of Europe, from Scandinavia, the Mediterranean and North Africa. He loves to discover new traditions, and believes that sharing music, song, and dance between different cultures is one of the most important things we can do.

Louis grew up in a musical family, moved on to study traditional music at Newcastle University, then spent a few years in the house band of a touring circus before returning home to his native Devon. He is currently involved in several different projects, including world music supergroup Meridianum Ensemble and puppetry/music crossover project Flying with Strings. In his spare time he grows vegetables and makes walking sticks.

Folk and World Singer (Cittern, Tambura, Guitar)