Transforming Communities


Oud, Vocals

Ali Elmubarak, Knud Stuwe
South West


Nabra are guest artists for Live Music Now in partnership with Diverse Artists Network.

“Nabra” translates as the sound of one’s own voice. The sound of the Nabra oud duo is an intoxicating blend of Sudanese and Middle Eastern influences with plenty of Taqsim (improvisations) thrown in. Nabra features the combined ouds of Ali Elmubarak (Sudan) and Knud Stuwe (Germany) as well as Ali’s expressive vocals sung in Arabic. Knud and Ali started collaborating in 2015 when they met through an initiative of Bristol Refugee Rights and they have since than become a well established act on the Bristol and Southwest music scene.

The oud is the ancient ancestor of both the lute (= la oud) and the guitar. It originated in the Middle East but is equally at home in North Africa.

More information on Live Music Now’s partnership with musicians from Diverse Artists Network here:

‘Sounds of Sudan was a stunning collaboration between the Bristol oud duo Nabra and groundbreaking Ligeti String Quartet. Sudanese songs were brilliantly reworked for this novel lineup and both groups were asked to respond with real sensitivity and flair. The music captured the vibrant soundworld of Sudan with authenticity whilst forging its own original sound – the performance was a celebration of joyful artistry and the collaborative musical spirit.’ – Ben Spencer, Head of Programme at St. George’s, Bristol

Oud Duo