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Spindle Ensemble

Violin, Marimba, Percussion, Cello, Accordion, Piano, Celtic Harp

Daniel Inzani, Caelia Lunniss, Harriet Riley, Jo Silverston
South West


Spindle Ensemble are a modern chamber quartet led by composer Daniel Inzani (piano, Celtic harp) accompanied by Caelia Lunniss (violin), Harriet Riley (marimba, vibraphone) and Jo Silverston (cello).

The critically acclaimed group have crafted an innovative take on contemporary classical music, rooted in spontaneity and improvisation performed with deft musicianship and unique instrumental pairing all resulting in truly captivating sonic soundscapes. Their second album ‘Inkling’ was released on Hidden Notes Records, aired on BBC radio 3 & 6, and listed in The Guardian as one of the top 10 contemporary albums of 2021.

Chamber Quartet (Violin, Marimba, Percussion, Cello, Accordion, Piano, Celtic Harp)