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The Henry Girls

Vocals, Fiddle, Ukulele, Harp, Piano, Piano Accordion, Tin Whistle

Karen McLaughlin, Lorna McLaughlin, Joleen McLaughlin
North East


The Henry Girls are sisters Karen (Vocals, Fiddle, Ukulele, Piano), Lorna (Vocals, Accordion, Piano, Tin Whistle), and Joleen (Vocals, Harp, Piano, Mandolin) from the most northerly part of Donegal in North West Ireland. The trio formed as a professional performing music group in 2001 and since then they have recorded 2 EP’s, 1 live album of jazz music from 1930’s and 7 original studio albums, including their most recent release A Time To Grow (Jan 2024).

What sets The Henry Girls apart is their distinctive sound, a captivating fusion of harp, fiddle, accordion, and tight, impressive three-part harmonies. The harmonious interplay between these instruments and their hauntingly beautiful vocals creates a sonic experience that transcends boundaries, capturing the essence of both their Irish roots and a global musical spirit.

‘These siblings are masters of hypnotic harmonies, of the intuitive kind that are only possible when the bandmates have spent years in each other’s company’ – Hotpress
‘The confidence and control of musicianship comes at you straight away, through a blending of instrumentation, harmonies, striking lyrics and wonderful vocals’ – Irish Music Magazine

Irish Trio (Vocals, Fiddle, Ukulele, Harp, Piano, Piano Accordion, Tin Whistle)