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The Windy City Weatherbirds

Cornet, Saxophone, Trombone, Clarinet, Electric Guitar, Tuba

Mark Hurrell, Daniel Pickering, Magnus Pickering, Martin Thomson, Peter Thornton
South East


The Windy City Weatherbirds are a London based jazz group specialising in Trad Jazz, Swing and Dixieland music inspired by their love of Louis Armstrong, Jack Teagarden, Bobby Hackett and Muggsy Spanier amongst others. The group started playing together as jazz students in London at varioous UK conservatoires.

They perform in a variety of different settings – sometimes as a duet (cornet + trombone), trio (+ guitar) and when possible as a full quintet. They hope to share the joy playing this amazing music gives them and their audiences and aim to get everyone’s toes -a -tappin’!

The group now perform concerts, shows and gigs and are also available for private function bookings.

Trad. Jazz Ensemble