Transforming Communities


Cello, Fiddle

Aneirin Jones, Patrick Rimes, Jordan Williams


VRï are a brand new trio to represent Wales and its music in the fast-evolving world of ‘chamber-folk’. Bringing together the experience of Jordan Price Williams (cello), Patrick Rimes (violin, viola), and Aneirin Jones (violin) they play tunes and songs from the Celtic nations and beyond, attempting to combine the energy of a local gathering with the style and finesse of the Viennese string quartet.

Traditional music comes to the concert hall! VRï have risen to prominence in Wales and further afield over the last two years, gaining high acclaim for their exciting sound, stylish arrangements and innovative art-music interpretations of folk melodies and songs. Although their roots are in Wales and the backbone of their repertoire is Welsh, VRï make a point of blending other traditional musics from around Europe, and have been heavily influenced the ‘chamber-folk’ artists from both sides of the Atlantic. VRï’s vision has always been to maintain the integrity and individuality of their fiddle styles within the ideals of classical chamber ensemble, to deliver a product which harnesses both the raw energy of the fiddle and the finesse of the violin.

Patrick (violin/viola) is well known on the Welsh folk circuit for his work in celebrated Welsh Folk group Calan, who are also a Live Music Now group. Other VRï members Jordan (cello) and Aneirin (viola) also play with Calan’s Bethan Williams-Jones and Sam Humphreys in the folk/indie cross over group No Good Boyo, and members of VRï, Calan, No Good Boyo, Mabon, Alaw and more make up the Welsh super folk group Pendevig, an exciting project pushing the boundaries of Welsh Folk music.

VRï joined the Live Music Now scheme in Wales in 2017 and with LMN have performed at the North Wales International Music Festival and Gregynog Music Festival, Powys amongst many other arts and community settings Wales wide.

Chamber-Folk Duo (Cello, Fiddle)