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Runwood Homes, Live Music Now London and Essex County Council announce a new partnership.

Runwood Homes and Live Music Now London are delighted to announce a new partnership which is being funded by Essex County Council. The project is entitled 'Meaningful Moments in Essex' and will provide 8 visits by LMN musicians to each of the 22 Runwood Homes for older people in Essex within a year, culminating in a celebration concert.

'Meaningful Moments in Essex' is due to start in the autumn and will start in the last week of September to celebrate Older People's Day on 1st October. The Philomel Duo and Brazilian Ensemble will deliver the first 22 performances. The musicians have been selected, not only for their outstanding musicianship but also for their ability to empathise and communicate with their audience intuitively.

Trudy White said, 'We are very excited about this new partnership as we firmly believe that regular performances can make a vital contribution to the well being of older people and in particular an impact on the engagement, memory and vitality of those taking part'.

Runwood Homes stated, 'This project is supported by a grant from Essex County Council and the company are proud to work with the Council and Live Music Now to promote music in their care homes. It is widely accepted that music has many therapeutic values and we are sure these sessions will bring benefits for our residents.'

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