Transforming Communities


Together with our working group members, our investigation into singing in care homes has created and amassed a large amount of material. We have distilled our learnings from this material into these 10 Headlines.

These are the materials available in this section:

A comprehensive Review of the Evidence that singing and music can have measurable impacts on older people, in a wide range of different ways. This aspect of the project has been led by the Sidney De Haan Research Centre, at Canterbury Christchurch University, and by Professor Stephen Clift in particular.

The “Live Music in Care” report, which considers the impact of music programmes on the whole care home environment – including residents and care staff – led by the University of Winchester.

A series of detailed Working Papers, addressing the different outcomes of this initiative, including discussions of “quality”, the results of our surveys, case studies, a discussion of trends in the care sector, and more.

Three detailed Handbooks, written by working group members, giving detailed and practical guidance about music in care homes.

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