Transforming Communities

We Are All Musical Conference highlights the importance of musical lives for all children

Live Music Now, Anthem Music Fund Wales and Disability Arts Cymru joined together to organise a free online conference, 22-24 November, 3-5pm. The ‘We Are All Musical’ conference aims to support music education in Wales’ special school provision and is aimed at teachers, parents, governors, music organisations, funders and policy makers in Wales.  The impressive […]

Shushhh! Live Music Now gets in tune with the NHS to launch the Lullaby Project

Live Music Now is working in perfect harmony with the NHS to launch the Lullaby Project, a ground-breaking initiative which aims to improve peri-natal healthcare and reduce health inequalities caused by economic, cultural and education disadvantage through the medium of music. Created by New York’s Carnegie Hall, the Lullaby Project pairs pregnant women and new […]