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Live Music Now recognises the outstanding contribution made by former musicians to those who are otherwise excluded from the joy of experiencing live music.

As a former LMN musician you are automatically eligible to be a part of LMN’s Alumni network, a community of eminent musicians and skilled professionals. Former musicians come from a range of musical traditions: classical western music, world music, jazz, rock and folk. Many are now engaged in music making at the highest international level.

Craig Ogden

LMN Musician 1992 - 1999

‘My years spent performing on Live Music Now provided a rich and invaluable start to my career. Musically and personally it was incredibly broadening and often humbling. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to perform for people who were unable to attend formal concerts and the many memories I have of my LMN days will stay with me forever.’

Ivana Gavric

LMN Musician 2003 - 2007 (Piano and Clarinet Duo with clarinettist Helen Paskins)

‘The scheme provided me with invaluable and ample performance opportunities at a crucial time at the beginning of my career as well as training in communication, organisation and working as part of a team. These skills are indispensible in my career today.’

Luzmira Zerpa

LMN Musician 2007 - 2009 (Luzmira Zerpa Duo)

‘Live Music Now is one of the most wonderful things I’ve done musically. It really shaped the way I do concerts, helping me to have an awareness of the audience that I still put into practice. As a popular musician, as someone who has grown up with music – full music where everyone takes part – Live Music Now made a lot of sense.’

Simon Hewitt Jones

LMN Musician 2005 - 2010 (Fifth Quadrant)

‘The culture and expectation of excellence was present throughout the whole of our application, training and initiation onto the Live Music Now scheme. As we developed as artists and professionals we were able to carry these values forward, always seeking the very best level of achievement. The end result was that every performance was approached with the same seriousness and commitment, regardless of whether it was in a concert hall or a retirement home.’

Simone Rebello

LMN Musician 1991 - 1996

‘I am currently Director of Percussion at the RNCM and am enjoying working with my students to introduce them to the enormous benefits of working on the Live Music Now scheme.

It is truly an inspired concept – to give a high quality musical experience to someone who might not get the chance for whatever reason and to assist young professional musicians at the start of their careers to perform in a huge variety of different and sometimes challenging environments to set them up for their future careers in terms of the professionalism involved and the skills required to play at the highest level at all times and in all these occasions.

Daniel Grimwood

Former LMN Musician

‘LMN gave me the education no music college can offer; a broad understanding of the society that I am here to serve. During my time on the scheme I performed in prisons, old peoples homes, schools of all types as well as conventional recitals. LMN brought me into contact with members of the public I would otherwise have had a very limited knowledge of. It is important that we musicians, who work in a frequently esoteric profession, know and understand the people that we reach out to. I am very grateful that I belonged to the scheme as it has given me a foundation which I frequently refer to, even today.’

Melvyn Tann

LMN Musician

‘Finishing ones studies and graduating is really only the beginning. The learning never stops. LMN gives one the opportunity to perform in many different and sometimes challenging situations and surroundings but I felt I learnt so much from my experience, not least the fact that I was also bringing music to many parts of the community who had never experienced or been to a live concert performance before.’

Sarah Dacey

Live Music Now Musician 2005 - 2010 (Juice)

‘Without our LMN work there isn’t any way that I would have ever had the chance to work in all these amazing schools, who work so tirelessly to help young people develop their skills so that they can survive as adults in such a hard world. It was such an honour to have been a part of that’

Training, Development and Networking

LMN’s training and professional development has evolved into a year round programme of networking, skills based workshops and best practice seminars delivered by experts from across the industry. LMN alumni are eligible for substantially reduced rate bookings.

Click here for future training opportunities or contact [email protected] for future training dates.


Volunteering and Mentoring

The experience of our alumni musicians is invaluable to the emerging musicians who enter the LMN Scheme. Many LMN Alumni volunteer to sit on audition panels, assist with events or mentor emerging LMN musicians. If you are a former LMN musician and would like to be involved in the current work of LMN please contact us.

LMN Alumni Events

Registered LMN alumni receive an e-newsletter that highlights the current work of LMN musicians, LMN events, current training offers as well as industry research and news items.

If you do not currently receive this e-newsletter please contact [email protected]

Expert Advice

‘Being involved in the Live Music Now Scheme not only gave me a platform to grow as a performer and become a more well-rounded musician, it also gave me the opportunity to develop other skills, which I now use in my day to day life as a lawyer. It enhanced my confidence, communication skills and gave me the experience of facing challenging situations in which I had to find a solution to quickly. It was such a rewarding experience and the opportunity to work with these children and adults was truly inspiring.

After a number of years as working as a musician, I completed a conversion course and qualified as a solicitor in 2012. It brings me great pleasure to have assisted in some legal matters for LMN. When they asked, I was thrilled to use my new career to be able to work with the organisation, which had given me such wonderful experiences and opportunities.

As an alumni of the LMN Scheme I still feel a connection with the charity that offered me and I am delighted to maintain my relationship with both LMN alumni and the current musicians/work of LMN.’


‘Having the opportunity to enrich people’s lives through the beauty of music and at times to see the very immediate and real impact that music could have on an individual and their soul was an incredibly rewarding and vital experience.

There were a lot of laughs too, which added to the flavour of the experience, but the principle of bringing music into the community, which was something so dear to Yehudi Menuhin’s heart, has truly taken place. Bravo for that.’

Significant funds can be raised through alumni led events and fundraising activities. We can offer guidance and support if you would like to contribute to the future of Live Music Now. In particular event’s organisers might benefit from our LMN Audience Appeal pack. This pack offers practical support to enable you to run a collection in aid of LMN at a performance.. Each pack includes publicity material and marketing tools.

There has never been a better time to support LMN, as we have been awarded an Arts Council England Catalyst Grant, enabling us to match any new donations received between January 2012 and March 2015.

Just Giving

£5 a month could pay for a musician’s training on working with older people or children with special needs.

£10 a month could pay for a concert in a residential care home or school for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

£20 a month could pay for a full day creative music making workshop in a special school or residential care home.

For further information please email [email protected] or telephone Lis Chirinos on 020 7014 2829.