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Bryn Terfel – Ambassador for Live Music Now


We are thrilled to announce that Bryn Terfel is joining us as an Ambassador for Live Music Now.

“Live Music Now is an organisation very close to my heart. It was founded by the great Yehudi Menuhin, who believed so passionately that music could profoundly touch people’s lives, even those in the most challenging of circumstances. Since it was founded, nearly forty years ago, its musicians have reached millions of people, in care homes, special schools, communities and hospitals. I’ve seen their work several times, including performances given by my partner Hannah Stone, and witnessed the incredible effect that music can have on people living with dementia, or children with autism. In my native Wales, LMN is one of very few organisations that works in every single Welsh county. Beyond this, its work in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland is also hugely impressive, and should be much better known. In Menuhin’s inspiration, its musicians are all of an exceptional high standard, and all receive training from LMN to work with vulnerable adults and children. I’m delighted to join LMN as an ambassador, in this Menuhin Centenary year, and look forward to helping them reach many more people over the months and years to come.” 
Bryn Terfel, LMN Ambassador


“Bryn Terfel is an inspiration to all musicians, having achieved the very highest standards of performance, whilst also believing so passionately in the power of music to reach people in all walks of life. At Live Music Now, we are all very excited about his new involvement with us, and look forward to working with him to raise more support for music projects to take place in communities, schools and health settings all around the UK.”
Evan Dawson, Executive Director, Live Music Now





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